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Click on our most recent recipients to read more about their merit


  • Gale Batismm, Fletcher Free Library, Burlington,“Designing the Future”

  • Lori Boes, Montpelier Roxbury Public and Twinfield Union Schools, “Capital Robotics FIRST Team #14251”

  • Mike Cole, 4-H Club of Manchester, “Skystone”

  • Mark Drapa, Westford School Robotics, “FLL Jr. Pilot Program”

  • Stephen Farrington, Archytas Education Corp., Bethel, “Hands-On STEM Education Outreach”

  • Faith James, VT Day School, “Inaugural FIRST LEGO League”

  • Michelle LaFrancis, Spaulding High School, “Paving a Path to a Better Future”

  • Karen McCalla, Rutland Area Robotics, "Promoting Kids, Promoting STEM"

  • Allan Miller, Charlotte Central School, “Coding in Three Dimensions”

  • Pike Porter, The Schoolhouse, South Burlington, “The Schoolhouse Community Robotics Club”

  • Andrew Rousseau, North Hero 4-H, “Aluminum Avian Antics”

  • Benjamin Sevey, Milton High School, “Milton High School Robotics Team”

  • Thierry Uwilingiyimana, Winooski Middle and High School, “Winooski FIRT Robotics Team”


  • Ken Cadow, Randolph Union High School, “Randolph Robotics”

  • Sheila Chairvolotti, Champlain Shamrocks 4-H Club, “Champlain Shamrocks”

  • Elija Church, Bellows Falls Academy, “Electric Junkyard Science Band”

  • Stephen Farrington, Archytas Education Corp., “Archytas Education Corp.”

  • Chuck Hoffert, Montpelier Public Schools, “Capital Robotics”

  • Charlotte Holmquist, Ripton Elementary School,” Preserve Bee Biodiversity”

  • Chris Johnstone, Tuttle Middle School, FHTMS

  • Shawn Kasulka, East Montpelier Elementary School, “East Montpelier FIRST Robotic Team”

  • Bethany Morrissey, Salisbury Elementary School, “Salisbury School”

  • Mica Mutrux, Code for BTV, “Code for BTV”

  • Pike Porter, The Schoolhouse, “Schoolhouse Community Robotics”

  • Caryn Shield, Vermont Day School, “Vermont Day School”


  • Kimberly Barnhart, Archytas Education Corporation (Windsor County), “FIRST Robotics Team”

  • Sheila Chairvolotti, Aluminum Avian Antics (Grand Isle), “FTC Robotics Team”

  • Sheila Chairvolotti, Champlain Shamrocks 4-H (Grand Isle and South Hero), “4-H Robotics Project”

  • Joseph Chase, Essex Robotics Club, “Building a Better Robot”

  • Jill Coffrin, Dorothy-Alling Memorial Library (Williston), “Community Coding Challenge”

  • Mark Drapa, Westford FLL Robotics Club, “Global Innovation International Competition”

  • Amanda Wheeler, Green Mountain Robotics (Randolph), “FIRST Robotics”

  • Charles Zani, Randolph Union High School, “FIRST Robotics”

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