Induction into the Vermont academy of Science and Engineering represents the highest recognition for scientists and engineers in Vermont.


A listing of current VASE membership can be found here.

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Nomination for VASE Membership

Nominations for membership in VASE are submitted by members of the VASE Board of Directors.

VASE members or others who would like to suggest a candidate for VASE membership should contact a Board member to suggest and discuss their proposed nomination.  Please contact the Board member with professional knowledge of the general interest area of your nominee.


Criteria to be considered should include the following: established scholarly excellence in Science or Engineering as evidenced by a continuous record of publication in major research journals or awarding of patents, extramural funding, speaking at national and international professional meetings, etc. The candidate must be a Vermont resident but may be employed outside of the state. Any questions about the appropriateness of the candidate's area of scholarship in terms of inclusion in VASE can be directed to any Board member. 

In addition to the nomination, please include a copy of the potential candidate's CV. A second support letter is also required.

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VASE President,
Dr. Grace Spatafora



VASE President,
Dr. Grace Spatafora