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Call for Proposals- VASE Small Equipment Grants for K-12 Teachers:
A call for grant applications will commence on April 1, 2024.  Applications will be accepted until April 30.

VASE Small Equipment Grants

General Information
VASE Small Equipment Grants are designed to make it easier for Vermont K-12 teachers to create new in-classroom activities to expose their students to the excitement of hands-on science and engineering experiences. The grants are designed to help offset the cost of the materials including hardware, software, lab equipment, STEM kits, maker tools, etc. We generally make up to ten awards annually, each typically in the $1000-$1500 range. VASE Small Equipment grants are generously funded by the Vermont Technology Council and our generous donors.
VASE Small Equipment grants are designed to cover in-classroom experiences only and are not intended to cover extracurricular activities such as robotic clubs. For those programs please click here to see VASE HOST grants information.
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