Evaluation Considerations for VASE HOST grants

The following are criteria the award committee intends to apply in the awarding of grants. 

Necessary conditions (All grantees must meet these):

1.     Is the organization based in Vermont and does it conduct its activities primarily within Vermont? 

2.     Is the activity for which support is requested primarily a hands-on one (which might include making of software or programming)?  

Other considerations.  Applicants need not meet all of these criteria.  Grants will be awarded to projects that, in the opinion of the award committee, best meet them.

1.     Does the activity include one or more technical problems that must be solved?

2.     Does the activity lead to increased practical knowledge among the participants in a technical, manufacturing, or engineering area?  Do participants gain practical skills?  Are participants likely to increase their chances of succeeding in school, going to college, operating a business, or getting a job because of this activity?

3.     Does the activity encourage collaboration among different members of the organization? Among different age groups?  Is there a way to encourage the support or participation of a wider community?

4.     Does the activity have a completion date in the reasonably near future (generally within one year)?  Does the organization have a plausible plan for meeting that date?

5.     Will the activity lead to a substantive result?  Can the end result be readily evaluated?  Can success and failure be clearly distinguished?

6.     Will the activity increase the overall skill level of participants and the organization?

7.     Does the organization appear able to use the funds wisely?  Is it clear how the funds are to be used?

8.     Does the organization have a record of success?  (There should be no expectation of, or commitment to ongoing support.  But when an organization requests a subsequent grant, the request will be judged in part on past results.) 

9.     Are participants willing to share their results and experiences with their wider community? other Vermonters? the world?

10.  Generally grants should support an activity that would not otherwise occur, or clearly enhance a specific activity.  Grants should not “disappear” into the general overhead of an organization. Exceptions may be made as appropriate. 

11.  Is there evidence that the organization provides opportunities for persons who are financially, socially, culturally, physically, or educationally at a disadvantage?

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VASE President,
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VASE President,
Dr. Grace Spatafora

Email: VTSciEng@gmail.com