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Dr. Emmett Hughlett


VASE Board Member

Inducted 2006



774 Marshall Road, Waterbury, VT 05676

Research Interests

I am an independent contract electrical engineer. I design, build and maintain industrial control systems. My recent Vermont clients are SET-NA, LORD MicroStrain, and SUSS MicroTec.


Numerous publications and presentations on C4NP. Websearch “Emmett Hughlett C4NP”.

   "A Video Based Alignment System for X-Ray Lithography", SPIE Proc., Int'l. Conf. Lithography, March 1991 - principal author

  "An Automatic Focus System for Microscopy", IEEE ICASSP Conf. Proc., March, 1992 - author 

  “Incremental Automation in the Compound Semiconductor Fab”, Compound Semiconductor Magazine, August 2001 – Cover Story - author

Owner of Hughlett Technical Services, Inc.; a U.S. Corporation specializing in contract engineering
for electromechanical systems, software/firmware, and consulting for business management.

More than 30 years of engineering and product/program management experience.

15 years software and hardware design and development for: semiconductor fabrication robotics, position and
orientation systems.

5 years video meteorology DSP applications.

4 years as business owner, 6 years
as business manager, 2 years IT applications development manager, 2 years as robotics
development program manager, 6 years as software engineering manager.

Holder of several US patents for electro-optical and electromechanical systems.

Patents Awarded

   "Collision avoidance in a multinode data communication network", 1986: US 4755990

   "Autofocus method and apparatus for imaging microscopy using a predetermined visual imaging feature" 1993: US 5239170 

   “Apparatus and method for semiconductor wafer bumping via injection molded solder”, 2010: US 7732320     "Apparatus and method for semiconductor wafer bumping via injection molded solder",2012: US 8088684       "Apparatus for temporary wafer bonding and debonding", 2012: US 8181688

Doctor of Philosophy, Electrical Engineering, University of Vermont, March 1991.

Dissertation: “Application of Video Summed Projection to Mask Alignment”

Master of Science, Electrical Engineering, University of Vermont, March 1989.

Master of Science, Measurement and Control, Carnegie-Mellon University, May 1981.

Bachelor of Arts, Physics, Cum Laude, Shippensburg University, May 1979.


Professional Experience

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